I first heard about this record on shitfuckyou.com, the charmingly named online record store whose website looks like it dates back to the birth of the internet, and who stock a strong wad of no-nonsense underground business from labels including the never-failing Restoration Records, Harmonia and Sex Tags, the label who according to a quote that adorns the header of shitfuckyou.com’s site, is one of only 5 things that Omar S actually likes in terms of his musical tastes. Of course, Wania is another one of those labels shitfuckyou.com peddle, and for their second release they’ve really decided to bring out the cannons. It’s not hard to see where Wania and DJ Sotofett are coming from when looking at “Dritfett”. The cover has the contacts for both the distribution and DJ booking enquiries, but no email addresses or websites are neccessary, just a couple of phone numbers will suffice. The label itself is a mixture of random information, including more phone numbers, the TR-909 logo, the words “SO-PHAT-12INCH2″ and a crude illustration of some strongman whose face is on his bulging bicep, as opposed to his head. There’s also a paper insert inside the record informing us of DJ Sotofett’s forthcoming releases, one of them apparently being a “Reggi b/w killer 909-hip-hop-crisp and new-psychedelic-flute-house”. Now, if none of these things sound instantly appealing to you, then you’re probably on the wrong website. Rugged and raw Techno with a decidedly old-school feel is the name of the game here, driven by analogue fuckery, strictly for those that know the script. This is the musical equivalant of my Gran’s homemade Macaroni Cheese. so thick with goodness you could cut it like a cake and serve it slices. I’m not gonna bother banging on and giving you a rundown of each track, because to be perfectly honest, I had more than a few lager products last night, so you won’t be getting any psuedo-academic review about “Dritfett”, because not only will it do the record a supreme injustice and miss the point of it entirely, but also because I really can’t be arsed. The tracks on here speak for themselves. What I will say though is just go out and buy it, and then play it obscenely loud to all your friends who have haircuts. And don’t forgot to watch out for that “”Reggi b/w killer 909-hip-hop-crisp and new-psychedelic-flute-house”.

You can cop this direct from shitfuckyou.com via here
Or you can head over to the Rubadub website and get yerself a copy here


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