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We here at This Is Our House love people who love good music. Perseus Traxx loves good music, and we are very excited to announce that York’s answer to Virgo Four is our newest writer, contributor and all round muse!

For quite a number of years Nigel Rogers was involved with the music scene in York, whether it was playing records, broadcasting, or running parties in bars, clubs, fields or abandoned buildings. Producing under a number of aliases, the latest incarnation being Perseus Traxx. With a move away from York and a few changes, the rate of production has escalated and done so to critical acclaim, as a slew of releases, including his recent project as part of Nite Vision, can testify.

Nigel has never considered himself as a DJ or musician, but more as someone who simply collects and plays records and spends a lot of time making music. He has released on a number of labels such as Bunker, MOS Recordings, BOE Recordings and his very own imprint Future Flash.

So, welcome… Perseus Traxx


Our main man Perseus Traxx is continuing to make waves wherever he goes, with imminent releases coming up on M>O>S, Bunker (Review coming shortly) and Our House Recordings. He has recently provided a live set podcast! for Juno Plus along with a nice wee interview on the man, music and mushrooms.

After listening to the podcast, man its some serious shit and if this is what Perseus live sounds like, then anyone getting the chance to see it, is in for a treat! Its all about the 707/X0X/Juno combo!

Click here for the interview.

This Sunday the legendary Optimo bring you the sound of Traxx. Founder of both Nation Records and Crème Organization’s offshoot Crème Jak, Traxx has been pushing the sound of Chicago into the future with his own productions and infamous DJ sets, not to mention showcasing artists like JTC, D’Marc Cantu and Saturn V, to name but a few, through the aforementioned labels.

Check out Traxx’s mix for Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space radio show here, and look out for a forthcoming compilation LP on Nation, featuring the likes of Steve Summers, I.B.M  and Tevo Howard, which is available for pre-order at Rush Hour here


So after a long hiatus, Our House Introduces returns, with Ben UFO, ready to take you through the music that has shaped his taste over the years. Ben co-runs the Hessle Audio imprint with Pearson Sound and Pangaea, which from its beginnings has consistently released a catalogue of varied and interesting, sub-driven music.

Here Ben maps out the sounds and tracks that hold some significance for him, taking us from his early childhood, through his formative radio years and into the current music that has cemented his reputation for varied, air-tight mixes over a wide spectrum of club nights.

As ever, we’ll be playing the tracks in full as Our House’s Frank Mitchell discusses the meaning that the music holds for one of today’s most versatile DJ’s.

Play here. (or right click, save as)

Photo by Elliot Holbrow

I first heard about this record on, the charmingly named online record store whose website looks like it dates back to the birth of the internet, and who stock a strong wad of no-nonsense underground business from labels including the never-failing Restoration Records, Harmonia and Sex Tags, the label who according to a quote that adorns the header of’s site, is one of only 5 things that Omar S actually likes in terms of his musical tastes. Of course, Wania is another one of those labels peddle, and for their second release they’ve really decided to bring out the cannons. It’s not hard to see where Wania and DJ Sotofett are coming from when looking at “Dritfett”. The cover has the contacts for both the distribution and DJ booking enquiries, but no email addresses or websites are neccessary, just a couple of phone numbers will suffice. The label itself is a mixture of random information, including more phone numbers, the TR-909 logo, the words “SO-PHAT-12INCH2″ and a crude illustration of some strongman whose face is on his bulging bicep, as opposed to his head. There’s also a paper insert inside the record informing us of DJ Sotofett’s forthcoming releases, one of them apparently being a “Reggi b/w killer 909-hip-hop-crisp and new-psychedelic-flute-house”. Now, if none of these things sound instantly appealing to you, then you’re probably on the wrong website. Rugged and raw Techno with a decidedly old-school feel is the name of the game here, driven by analogue fuckery, strictly for those that know the script. This is the musical equivalant of my Gran’s homemade Macaroni Cheese. so thick with goodness you could cut it like a cake and serve it slices. I’m not gonna bother banging on and giving you a rundown of each track, because to be perfectly honest, I had more than a few lager products last night, so you won’t be getting any psuedo-academic review about “Dritfett”, because not only will it do the record a supreme injustice and miss the point of it entirely, but also because I really can’t be arsed. The tracks on here speak for themselves. What I will say though is just go out and buy it, and then play it obscenely loud to all your friends who have haircuts. And don’t forgot to watch out for that “”Reggi b/w killer 909-hip-hop-crisp and new-psychedelic-flute-house”.

You can cop this direct from via here
Or you can head over to the Rubadub website and get yerself a copy here


I first came across Matt Whitehead, as I’m sure a lot of people did, during the Bloc Weekender of 2010. After a few days of solid partying, we walked around Bloc like a band of zombie red coats… looking for the next act to avoid the always enevitable compound of depression and anxiety. Entering Jak Bloc we rolled in at just the right moment… Matt Whitehead starting his set immediately shook off all of our worries and absolutely brought the house down with a live set as highly charged as a static heavy Butlins arcade carpet.

Having had over 1500 hits since, the recording of this now legendary set has helped the world realise what a talent he is. In 2009 Matt found a home on the UK’s Rebel Intelligence label, releasing ‘Beat the Heat’ then following this up with the superb ‘Raw Deal’ in 2010. Now, in 2011, Mr Whitehead and Rebel Intelligence give us ‘Obsession EP’.

The EP’s opener, ‘Good Fun’ starts with a solid 909 groove that crashes into a recognisable bassline, the programming rolls and rolls and hits you with serious house stabs. All of a sudden I’m driving down the M25, its August ’88 and the motorcade is gonna get there and party all night. A homage to Inner City, this track has everything and more. Squelchy acid bass lines, classic synth pads, solid as fuck 909 beats and trade mark spin backs… man… this track is warehouse through and through.

‘Obsession’, the EP’s name sake is a deep Chicago work out. A lovely fingers-esque elastic bass and panicked drums give way to deep and sweeping pads. This track resonates well with that feeling right at the back of my soul, that feeling of waking up at 5am on a couch in the corner, there are only a few people left down in the basement but they are hypnotised and mesmerised by this deceivingly deep jack.

The flip side starts with ‘Glory Days’, another party bumper. 909 meets 303… 10 seconds in and my fist is already pumping. Sweet string chords smooth over the 909 then fall into excited bell chimes that play delicately inbetween some serious jack! This room shaker has all the sounds to get you moving your fists and feet.

Finishing this trip off, ‘City Limits’ is full bodied, round sounding and altogether delicate. Phased out snare hits swish their way through a heavy low end and heavenly pads sweep in and out over the top. Breaking down and building itself back up again, this is another for those late night drives, passed the city limits, through border control and on…

Being a fan of Matt Whitehead I was excited about this EP before I heard it. After sitting down and solidly listening (about 4 times over), Ive realised that Matt’s three releases have been a steady and solid progression of sounds and ideas with the ‘Obsession EP’ a pinnacle of this.

This is the best release I’ve heard all year, and there’s not much time left to take it off the top spot.

Obsession E.P (available on vinyl from December 5th) by Matt Whitehead

Rebel Intelligence

Step Out is a new night run by former members of Fortified Sessions, held in the basement of a lapdancing club, with sole aim of presenting no-nonsense underground electronic music filtered through one of the best sound systems Glasgow has to offer.

For their inaugural event, Step Out have drafted in none other than Neil Landstrumm, a man with the kind of credentials that not many can lay claim to. Ever since being introduced to the world via the “M. Cap” EP on Peacefrog 16 years ago, Landstrumm has been an integral and innovative force in the arena of Electronic music, having graced the grooves of labels like Tresor, Neue Heimat, Sativae, and Music Man to name but a scant few, not to mention being a resident at the infamous Pure parties. My earliest clubbing experiences were spent witnessing Landstrumm tear the fuck out of Alaska at Glasgow’s legendary Test nights, long before the venue was renamed The Buff Club and transformed into a hotbed of shitehawks, and had an adverse effect on me at a very impressionable age. His 1997 “Bedrooms & Cities” album for Peaceforg, chock full of tough, raw DMX rhythms, goes down as one of my favourite Techno albums of all time, and his more recent L.P’s for Planet Mu “Restaurant Of Assassins”, “Lord For £39″ and 2009′s “Bambaataa Eats His Breakfast”, seen him take the templates of Grime, Dubstep and classic Breakbeat biz and mince them through his unique filter to create a hybrid of rough and ready vintage-to-modern sonics. Never one to rest on his laurels though, Landstrumm’s forthcoming collaboration with JD Twitch for Instra:mental’s Nonplus imprint under the guise of Doubleheart, is a sick workout of twisted afro/latin electro beats that buckle under the weight of serious Bass pressure. In short, Landstrumm is a true Scottish veteran, and without DJ’s like him and nights like Test and Pure, i’d probably have some sort of semblance of a successful life. So thanks Neil, thanks for contributing to my no-mark existence in the best possible way. Christ knows I could’ve ended up a right cunt. Neil will be presenting a never-before heard live set consisting of new material, which to use the immortal words of Les Rallizes Denudes, is sure to be heavier than a death in the family.

Entry is 4 quid before 12, and 5 quid after, and no drink will cost you more than 2.50. In these times of economic turbulance, I’d call that a winning combo. Support will come in the the form of J.P, James D and Barrie B, who recently brought the house down at our first Outpost Transmissions party.

Listen to Landstrumm’s new collaboration with the mighty Twitch, Doubleheart here, which is out this Friday via the ever excellent Nonplus Records.


Jackee plays his debut live set in Glasgow on 16/12/11… here’s the blurb…

We’ve just about recovered from our launch night and would like to thank DJ Stingray for packing his bag full with certified bangers and tearing the place apart. Big thanks are also due to all who came along to help us kick things off in style. This time round we’re very much on a Chicago tip and extremely excited to welcome two leading lights in house music…

To say Specter (Andres Ordonez) is an artist firmly devoted to his craft is somewhat of an understatement. Having finely honed his mixing skills from the age of 15, the Chicago-based producer has become a fine ambassador for the city that gave house a home. His sound retains the spirit of the genre’s roots, while also often incorporating the deeper, darker elements that permeate much of Detroit’s output. With a string of impressive releases on labels such as Sound Signature, Sistrum Recordings and his own Tetrode Music under his belt, and with the likes of Marcellus Pittman singing his praises as a DJ, Specter is well placed to headline Tributes first foray into house. 

Our second guest is London-based acid aficionado, Paul Mitchell, and we are delighted to be hosting his debut live performance under new moniker, Jackee. The native Glaswegian has already made waves as Meschi, with releases on Lunar Disko and Snuff Trax establishing his status as a gifted producer. Jackee’s sound is more dominated by the intoxicating squelch of the Roland 303 and perfectly combines the atmospheric splendour of the Meschi releases with the driving, dancefloor style of vintage acid house. With releases upcoming on Abstract Acid, Snuff Tracks and Our House Recordings, we feel rather privileged to be the first to let you experience Jackee in action.

Warm up duties will be left in the more than capable hands of residents Avant Radge and Sidrad.


As we do, this will be follow by an after party at a secret city centre location. This will be manned by the legendary TRAXX DJ team consisting of Laurence Hughes, Jamie Thomson and Tom Churchill. It’s been a long time since all three of these guys rocked the spot at the same time and it may be a while before it happens again so I can say with confidence that this is not one to be missed!


We here at This Is Our House consider Alex-Ander, the Kyle Hall of Glasgow. This guys is putting together some seriously brilliant house music and we all thought it was about time he got some records out. His first release, on his own imprint Ander Traxx will feature the beautiful ‘Because of Me’ remixed by Carlos Nilmmns, Mesuma and I’m very pleased to have my own spin on it getting cut too.

This will be out very shortly, and we’ll keep you posted. But for now, check out the clips.

Alex-Ander – Because Of Me E.P (samples) ANDER-TRAXX 001 by Alex-Ander / Ander-Traxx


Tonight from 7pm (GMT) on IFM1