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38 (chest), 44 (beer belly), 32 (waist), 27 (inner leg). These are the vital statistics of Charlie McCann aka The Man Who Cann, long serving member of the Electric Eliminators, resident at Fortified Sessions and purveyor of Bass musics since long before straight-peeked caps were ever considered a good look. Regularly teaming up with Barry Burns for warm-up duties at Fortified, they have been known to occasionally blow the nights more esteemed guests out of the water with their heavy duty vintage-to-modern Dub rinse outs, and nobodies paying them 800 quid a gig.

For this exclusive mix, Charlie has delivered a Samson-strong selection of champion Dub that will appease the hungers of seasoned enthusiasts, as well as appeal to those not so familiar with the ultra-obscurities the genre has to offer.

This is genuinely one of the best Dub mixes we’ve heard in a very long time, and in the tradition of going against the grain, is served to you by a whiteboy with a very smart haircut.


01. Jah Shaka – Zion I
02. Prince Far I & The Arabs – Deadly Command
03. Don Carlos – Dub Me Nice
04. Colin Joseph – The Truth Dub
05. Linval Thompson – Jah it the Conquerer Dub
06. Frankie Paul – Worries in the Dance
07. Kalbata & Mix Monster – Sugar Plum Dub
08. Collins Music Wheelers – Collins Ghost
09. Carol Kalphat, Doctor Pablo & The Cry Tuff Allstars – African Medley
10. Michael Palmer – Don’t Smoke the Seed Version
11. Prince Douglas – March Down Babylon Dub
12. Bunny Wailer – Rise & Shine Dub
13. Congo Ashanti Roy/ Singers & Players – Bloodshed Dub
14. Keith Hudson – Be What You Want to Be
15. Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus – Black Vibes
16. Roots Radics Band – Whip Them
17. Scientist – Dangerous Match One
18. Aswad – Dub Fire
19. Freddie McGregor – I’m a Revolutionist

We’ve known the Lunar Disko DJs, Barry Donovan and Andy Doyle, for a long time now. We’ve partied together in London, Dublin and as far afield as Hemsby… I know!

Having known them for such a time we’ve come to learn that their approach to their Dublin parties and subsequently their record label has been one of pure integrity, coupled together with a sound mind in musical selection. For the last 4 years they have been hosting parties, bringing in guests such as Intergalactic Gary, Alden Tyrell, Tyree Cooper, Dopplereffekt and many more of your favourite DJs and producers. The have also been releasing solid EP’s from the likes of Sneak Thief, DJ Overdose and Faceless Mind, whilst still pushing the sounds of upcoming artists such as Automatic Tasty and Texas’ Submersible Machines. This label has been moving from strength to strength and with releases soon out from other, well respected artists… man, this already well respected label will only continue collecting kudos like you wouldn’t believe.

Here the lads show us what they’re all about.


01. Franz Falckenhaus – Arp & Moog Improvisation (Strangelife)
02. Versalife – Tales of the Unexpected (Clone West Coast)
03. Omar S – Sarah (FXHE)
04. Legowelt – Dreams of Nova Scotia (Clone)
05. Myriad – Beyond this Life (Creme Jak)
06. Denise Motto – Tell Jack [Jack the House] (Rhythm King)
07. House Master Baldwin ft. Paris Grey – Don’t Lead Me (Future Sound)
08. Massimiliano Pagliara – Beach Birds (Balihu)
09. Libra Libra – I Like It (Chicago Connection)
10. LHAS – Learning To Jive (Vibrations)
11. Takeshi Kouzuki – Pisces (Abstract Acid)
12. Lerosa – Substitute (Uzuri)
13. John Heckle – What Once Was (Mathematics)
14. Unit Moebius – Dolfinarium (Clone Classic Cuts)
15. John Daly – Solar Lights (Wave Music)
16. Multicast Dynamics – Unparalleled Diagnosis (Field)
17. Raiders of the Lost Arp – Night Theme [Rude66 remix] (Lunar Disko Records)


Also, look out for a special Lunar Disko party coming up on 23rd September. The guys play host to the first leg of an Our House Irish Tour as myself and The Textbook Lover head over to play live and spin some records. More details coming very soon.


Mother and The Textbook Lover, bring you their first Mother-Lover mix…


01. Rhythm & Sound – Mango Drive (Rhythm & Sound)
02. Convextion – Frozen Surface (Down Low)
03. Harmonia – Sometimes In Autumn [Shackleton Remix] (Amazing Sounds)
04. Instra:mental – Forbidden (Applepips)
05. Joy Orbison – J.Doe (Doldrums)
06. Mala – Left Leg Out (DMZ)
06. Martyn – Mega Drive Generation (Hyperdub)
07. Eleven Tigers – Stood Up (Wigflex)
…continued mix tracklisting coming soon…

Over the past years, Miles Whittaker‘s output has seen him traverse many musical fields, gathering a massive amount of sonic ingredients to add to his colossal bubbling cauldron, all with the aim of creating a continuous series of genre-defying and diverse tonics that curiousely seem to be linked by some underlying esoteric theme. As MLZ and one half of Pendle Coven, he delved deep into the atmospheric capabilties of Techno and House, and with collaborator Sean Canty has fused universal influences from poineering electronics to obscure ethnic sounds with Occult aesthetics under the hood of Demdike Stare. For this EP however, Mr. Whittaker has chosen simply to go by the name his Mother knows him as.

“Facets” is a record of scope, seemingly exceeding it’s 30 minute duration. The inaugral rite “Flawed” is marked by clunking. lo-fi electronic percussion reminiscent of “Draft 7.30″ era Autechre, with Whittaker exploiting his love of echo as the track melts into a beatless cycle of warm pads. The second track by comparison, is fitting of it’s title, as “Lustre” begins with a clipped euphoric vocal sample rising and falling in waves of blinding white, underpinned by sliding drumwork drenched in reverb. By the time we get to side B, proceedings take on a more sinister vibe. “Primer” is redolant of the deconstructive approach to Techno pioneered by the likes of Pan Sonic and currently being carried on by folk such as Kassem Mosse, taking the primary elements of the form apart bit by bit, and from it’s DNA creating a fumbling beast brother wearing the bells of Chicago-past round it’s swollen neck like shrunken heads. The EP’s closer “On The Fly” seems to have been made on what I can only assume to be some sort of malfunctioning equipment, a percussive synth hammering relentlessly away with shards of sharp sound bursting through as the track instensifies, completely washed over with tape hiss.

With “Facets“, the idea that neither Whitakker nor Modern Love are interested in the concept of perpetuating a formulaic standard is more apparent than ever, and are naturally more akin to creating and presenting boundless sonic excursions intent on challenging the notion that electronic music has limits.

Miles – Flawed

Miles – Lustre

Miles – Primer

Miles – On The Fly

Modern Love


Kenny Hanlon hails from Dublin and is a man known for serious taste. A regular contributor to Infinite State Machine, his insights and opinions are pretty much always bang on.

So, with this in mind, its really exciting to know that the first release of his new label ‘Apartment Records’ will be out very shortly. Produced by London’s ‘NCW’, this debut three tracker shows off various aspects of house music and for me is set to be one hell of a record. We’ll get it reviewed and up as soon as we can, but for now, head here to have a listen yourself.

We’ve always been a fan of Hanlon mixes at Our House, but didn’t expect him to send such a belter. Swooping flawlessly between house, electro and techno this beast is what its all about!


01. Eurythmics – Jennifer
02. Theo Parrish – Violet Green
03. Luke Hess – Slow To Speak
04. Disco Nihilist – Easy
05. Love Unlimited Orchestra – Welcome Aboard
06. Scott Ferguson – Alright
07 Aeroplane – Caramellos
08. Full House – Communicate
09. Colonol Abrams – Trapped (Dub)
10. Lime – Angel Eyes
11. Ramos – Jackin’ National Anthem
12. Carolyn Harding – Memories
13. Chicago Shags – Flamingo World
14. Steffi – Yours (Staffan Lindberg Rmx)
15. Cosmin TRG – De Dans
16. Hardfloor Feat. ERP – 4th Dimension of the 5th Ward (Dynamic Bass 17. Systems Rmx feat. D.I.E.)
17. Drexciya – Rubik’s Cube
18. Lory D – Acidronix
19. Rude 66 – 1000 Year Storm
20. Gosub – The Chains of Technology
21. Aux 88 – Exsterterestrial TIme Travellers (Mr Velcro Fastener Rmx)
22. Jason Brunton – Mixed Metaphors (Marco Bernardi’s MDNA Mix)
23. Lory D – Acid Prastix
24. Suburban Knight – Infra Red Spectrum
25. Planetary Assault Systems – Function 1
26. ???
27. Members of the House – These Are My People (Rainbow Mix – Mad Mike’s Edit)

In under two years, Semtek’s label, Don’t Be Afraid, has managed to release quite solidy, 5 excellent EP’s. With this, his 6th release, he pulls in Detroit’s own DJ3000 to remix what would already be a great EP.

Benjamin Semtek’s opener ‘Pizza’ starts off as a stripped down, powerful beat. Drums that build and develop and cause a flurry of excitement. When the bassline comes in it cuts through the track and helps to develop it into a more solid affair with sweeping pads taking this up a level. Out of nowhere this track turns deep and jazzy with beautifully placed piano chords resonating through jazz fuelled drum breaks. At a little over ten minutes this track feels neither long, nor drawn out. A beautful piece for sure.

Semtek’s B side ‘Goons’ is a slower, creepier track. One that oozes along, slowly building momentum until sweeping ‘ooOOOooo’s’ release an elastic bassline that progresses into pure funk, something akin to electronic slap bass. Half way through and those ‘ooOOOoooing’ chords play between dubbed out resonances, quickly switching between deep and dark, and light and airy, whilst maintaining that basic funk. This track is different, and I really like it for that.

DJ3000 provides a remix of ‘Pizza’ to close it out. Taking the soulful, jazzy feeling of the original and funking it up to 11, this Detroit resident’s roots shine through. This track evolves effortlessly, introducing, removing and reintroducing funky synth chords and high strings until the man takes full control with the powerful Rhodes organ. This track gets funkier and funkier every time I listen to it.

I’ve been a fan of Don’t Be Afraid’s output for a while, and although every release has its strong points, I feel this record stays solid throughout.

Semtek – Pizza
Semtek – Goons
Semtek – Pizza (DJ3000 Remix)

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Since the re-emergence of Downwards and the forming of Sandwell District, those who put their faith in the classic, ominous sound of Birmingham have been rewarded tenfold with a continuous progression of the blueprint forged in a golden era of British electronic music. A man whose name is inextricably linked to those innovations in punishing soundworks, and founder of the two aforementioned labels is Karl O’Connor, also known as Kalon, Public Information Film, Your Health and most infamousely, Regis. As O’Connor‘s longest serving alias, the work of Regis has come to define the aesthetic running through Downwards and Sandwell District, ritualistic invocations of shamanistic Techno, implying the genesis of the genre lies with some ancient sub-Saharan Death Cult.

Venturing out of the immediate coven, but still in the company of brotherhood, “In A Syrian Tongue” is Regis‘s first outing on London’s enigmatically brilliant Blackest Ever Black, and is not only some of the finest Regis work to date, but continues the long tradition of O’Connor‘s supreme talent for poetic, recondite track titles. “Blood Witness” opens the EP with a swaggering thump, music for retro-futuristic Rocker gangs with a penchant for slicing skin. The familiar Regis aspects are present, tracks that seem to be without change, but slowly and intricately build so that the first 30 seconds of the track and last 30 seconds are noticably different sonic experiences, the difference with this being that the change throughout is more aparrent, but loses no impact as a result. On the flipside we’re treated to a live reworking of “Blood Witness” by O’Conner alongside ex-Napalm Death drummer and the man responsible for Scorn, Mick Harris. Here the two bulk up the original with added washes of ambient and industrial sound, the kind of thing that makes their collaboration so perfectly matched. The finishing track “Blinding Horses” sounds like a combination of O’Connor‘s work with John Mendez as Sandra Electronics and the downbeat industrial passages of his classic LP “Against Nature” with Peter Sutton, where a spectral chorus from the ether accompanies heavy rhythms and arctic mid-range drones.

All in all this EP proves what we already know: that O’Connor is still commited to pushing boundries aesthetically and musically within Techno and electronic music in general, and that Blackest Ever Black is truly establishing itself as a formidable force in the same field and beyond.

Regis – Blood Witness

Regis – Blood Witness (M.J Harris & Karl O’Connor Live Version)

Regis – Blinding Horses

Blackest Ever Black
Where Next?

The world has lost a brilliant musician this week. Conrad Schnitzler’s influence through music is far reaching and all emcompassing.

A pupil of the legendary Karlheinz Stockhausen, Conrad was part of the early Tangerine Dream, recording one of their most well known albums, Electronic Meditation. He left the band to form Kluster with Roedelius and Dieter Moebius and after another few excellent albums, he left to pursue his solo aspirations. Conrad went on to develop the basis of electronic experimentation through minimalism and pioneered his sound throughout the 70′s.

Having stamped himself in the hearts and minds of electronic musicians across the world, he continued to prolifically release music of an extremely high standard, right up until his death.

On 4th August 2011 he sadly died of stomach cancer. His musical works will be listened to and admired until the very end. Rest in peace, Conrad Schnitzler.


Tonight the elusive MotherLover hold the controls from 7pm onwards for Our House Radio on Intergalactic FM


The Stop Making Sense festival is a relatively new festival set in a wooded area of Petrcane, Croatia. Croatia in recent years has become very popular for festivals and musical weekends. A slew of parties have popped up and big names from all across the globe have been in attendance.

This years SMS festival brings in the likes of Patrice Scott, Jerome Sydenham, Keith Worthy, Jackmaster, Martyn, Francois Kevorkian, Floating Points and more… including Dan Beaumont, a stalwart of the London scene! Here he supplies a very special mix to show us all what SMS is all about.

If you’ve got a ticket, then set aboot it, if not and you can make your way out to Croatia in the next 24 hours… set aboot it! If you can’t, then listen to this mix, turn the heating up full blast and close your eyes… you’re in Petrcane


01. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Love
02. Noir & Haze – Around (Solomun Remix)
03. Coyote – Always (Neville Watson Remix)
04. Austra – Beat and the Pulse (Steffi Bass Dub Remix)
05. MC1 – Recall (Terry Farley Dub)
06. Mission Control – Outta Limits
07. Fred Palakon – I’m Up Here
08. Cle – Feel It (Don’t Cha Know)
09. Classixx feat Carl Dixon – Into The Valley (Julio Bashmore)
10. Mr G – The Thin Blue Line
11. Kenny Hawkes – Dance For Me
12. Levon Vincent – Man Or Mistress
13. Rocket – People (Jeno’s Stomy Weather remix)
14. Virgo 4 – It’s A Crime (Caribou remix)
15. Peter Richard – Walking In The Neon
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