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I’ve known Rick for nearly as long as I’ve lived in London, a man who’s been djing for as long as I’ve been alive. A lover of good music and good fun, Rick cut his teeth alongside Andrew Weatherall at his infamous Haywire parties. The first time I met him, he was playing back to back all night with Jonny 5 in the Prince in Brixton, that night they dropped some of the illest records I’d heard. After that we regularly met and drank and talked of old times (from him) and new times (from me).

On 13th August, he will be launching London’s ‘Thunder’, a brand new party alongside Diskomatic’s Joseph Apted and Miles Simpson, a regular stalwart of the London house scene. They will be bringing in another Legendary resident of this fair city, Neville Watson… this party is set to start out with a bang and a half. With much more planned in the pipeline, I’ve not been so excited about a night in this town in a long while. Here Rick shows us what Thunder is all about. Check the party details here.


01. Ron Hardy – House FlashBack
02. 7 Citizens – Quietus
03. Le Melange – A Journey [dub mix]
04. G. Strings – Images
05. Master C & J – In The City
06. Gerd & L.B. Badd – H.O.U.S.E. (Neville Watson Remixx)
07. The Echelon Project – Live Together
08. Conforce – Grace
09. Jus-Ed – I’ m Coming (Levon Vincent Remixx)
10. Delta Funktionen – Intruder
11. Tin Man – Love Sick (Tobias Remix)
12. Shlomi Aber – Sketches
13. Jellybean – Drop Dead Zone

Featuring tracks from Mother and an exclusive Mother-Lover mix… settin aboot it.


01. Michael Bundt – Galaxy Machine (Asylum)
02. Arpanet – Event Horizon (Record Makers)
03. Steve Moore – The Henge/Ascension (Static Caravan)
04. Cluster – 7.42 (Sky)
05. Autechre – Perlence Suns (Warp)
06. J.D Emmanuel – Expanding Into The Universe (Dreamtime Taped Sounds)
07. Chris & Cosey – Heartbeat (Rough Trade)
08. Com Truise – BASF Ace (Unreleased)
09. Rienhard Lakomy – Das Unendliche Ratsel (Permanent Vacation)
10. Clams Casino – Drowning (Tri Angle)
11. Coil – Are You Shivering? (Threshold House)

01. Clams Casino – Rainforest (Tri Angle)

Finally we can hear the full glory of this mans productions without Rappers of questionable talent all over them (that said, he has worked with some excellent MC’s). Even though his more “orthodox” Hip Hop productions have been of the highest standard, here Clams Casino delves into deep, lush soundscapes that truly invoke the fever dreams of the Jungle.

02. Cosmin TRG – Fizic/De Dans (Fifty Weapons)

The second of TRG’s recent 12′s for Fifty Weapons sees him in stripped-down minimalist mode in the style of Robert Hood, Ratio etc. Nothing mindblowingly new here, but two excellent examples of tight, driving Techno nonetheless.

03. Brooks Mosher – Mass Transit EP (Dolly)

A really solid 4 tracker from Brooks Mosher, a guy I know shit-all about. Straddling that fine-line between Techno and House, this EP might not generate insane hype, but it’ll definitely merit repeated plays and listens until it’s too fucked to play.

04. Rrose – Primary Evidence (Sandwell District)

Sandwell fire another bolt of teutonic Techno with with an essential debut EP by Rrose.

05. Virgo Four – It’s A Crime (Caribou Remix) (Rush Hour)

Dan Snaith’s recent dancefloor oriented productions are going from strength to strength judging by this stellar remix of Virgo’s “It’s A Crime”. Reminiscent in style to that of his recent release as Daphni for Text, it’s the demented hats that get me on this everytime.

06. Surgeon – Muggerscum Out (Remixes) (Soma)

Classic Surgeon reworked by The Black Dog, Alex Smoke and Perc. Black Dog bring the goods with two amazing remixes of this British Techno staple. Smokey & Perc add their own distinct take, making for one of the best “classic-remixed” EP’s i’ve heard in a good while.

07. Africa Hitech – Out In The Streets VIP (Warp)

Finally here. Harking back to the days of Jungle while retaining their futurist stance, Africa Hitech give their massive “Out In The Streets” the VIP treatment to devastating effect. Featuring the equally good “Caveman Style” and “Seek Em Step”, mincing the influences of Grime & Dubstep through the Hitech filter.

08. Brian Eno – Drums Between The Bells (Warp)

Was more than pleasantly surprised with Eno’s last album for Warp, and even more so with this one. 6000 years in the game and still rocking.

09. Cluster & Eno – Cluster & Eno (Sky)

Listening to the last entry made me dig out this nugget, reminding me of how insanely influential the Cluster & Eno collab has been. Proto-electronica from 77 til infinity.

10.Meschi – Shifting Harbour EP (Lunar Disko)

Putting this at 10 makes up for the fact i’m bigging-up our own camp. It’s really a numero uno though.

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Stay Plastic and Jelly Roll Soul have respectively brought a slew of heavyweight guests to Glasgow over the past couple of years, so the fact that they’ve decided to join forces at the end of this month to present a very special appearance by none other than Marcellus Pittman makes perfect sense. The two club nights have shared a similar sense of taste and aesthetic, with the need to maintain a quality underground element in Glasgow being the main objective, and that objective being excecuted by a formidible team of residents between them. Over the recent months they’ve played host to a number of top-shelf grafters such as Patrice Scott, Wbeeza, Kyle Hall and Steve Rachmad to name but a few at their shared home of Club La Cheetah, and now up the ante with Pittman manning the boards. As any Detroit enthusiast will tell you, Marcellus aka Malik Pittman’s body of work speaks for itself. A bonafide Dirty D innovator, Pittman has been dropping slabs of unique electronic music for a hot minute on labels like FIT, Sound Signature, FXHE and most recently Glasgow’s own Seventh Sign, not to mention his classic work with Moodymann, Theo Parrish and Rick Wilhite under the 3 Chairs moniker. In keeping with the tradition of his hometown, Pittman’s DJ sets are an eclectic affair, and having witnessed him play many moons ago at The Arches with the 3 Chairs, I can testify that they truelly are a journey through sound.

As is the righteous thing to do, when things at La Cheetah end, then the after party begins. Myself, Meschi & The Textbook Lover will be controlling the sounds for a This Is Our House takeover at a very secret location to keep proceedings running into the wee wee hours. Even though we’ve known each other for an age, this will be the first time all three of us have actually played together, so expect…. well, i’m not even sure what to expect.

Stay Plastic & Jelly Roll Soul Present:
Marcellus Pittman
La Cheetah Club,
Queen Street,


Our House After-Party Takeover with:
The Textbook Lover

Secret Location


John Heckle hails from Liverpool and he is quite rightly making a name for himself. He has released two EP’s and, most recently, his first full LP on Jamal Moss’ Mathematics label, along with also contributing to a great various EP on Tabernacle Records. Here John provides another four for the Glasgow label, and shows us why he’s creating excitement up and down the country.

The record’s opener, ‘r136′ is a fucked up, grindingly deep house track. Consisting of sharply echoed drum beats, rolling piano stabs and a deep mournful bassline, this track penetrates my inner gut and fucks with its insides. It evolves slowly and subtly, playing between hi string synths and abstract vocal samples. With an opener like this, I can see why Mathematics have been so interested.

‘My Only Hopes’ sounds like a classic piece of ‘Three Chairs’ house. Sharp, abrasive beats clash head to head with beautful, piano overtones, and weaved through with wavered synth lines. Sounding like its been recorded in a metal chamber, this track is rough but solid and probably my favourite on here, and probably Rick’s favourite too, and Kenny’s… and most definitely Theo’s. John has not copied a sound here, but taken it and built upon it, and I think this track sits higher than a lot of shit I’ve heard in a long time.

The E.P.’s title track, ‘The Introvert/Extrovert’ is hard and brutal. A supreme 909/707 work out. Distorted to fuck and enough to make your mum cry, sitting thinking what the fuck she’s done to have her son listening to such “boom boom” music. A ferioscous 101 acid bassline helps this madness along, sending it to the brink of insanity, until finally within the last minute, its consumed, and condemned, and gives way to delirium, derangement and hysteria.

Closing out the EP, ‘Where Are You Now’ is another deep house number. Phased out hi hats play over deep detroit-esque pads, whilst vocals sing intangibly over the top. Organ chords, playful piano lines and sweeping pads ensure this track remains interesting throughout.

This is the best output from any label I’ve heard all year. Extremely interesting takes on contemporary house music, John takes us on a trip through his mind, and its left me wondering what’s next. I hope, for me at least, that its more of the same.

A1 r136

A2 My Only Hope

B1 The Extrovert/Introvert

B2 Where Are You Now

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Meschi hosted this weeks show and pushed 12″ after 12″ of solid house music through his mixer…


01. Professor Funk and The House Brothers – Work Your Body Rap (Underground)
02. Raze – Jack The Groove (Champion)
03. Fantasy Club – Mystery Girl (4 Track mix) (International House Records)
04. Pfantasy Club – Never Give Up (Underground Classic Trax)
05. Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder (DJ International)
06. Joe Smooth – Inside My Mind (DJ International)
07. House Of Venus – Flying Carpet Ride (Mars and Venus Mix) (Champion)
08. J.M. Silk – All In Vain (London Mix) (Jack Trax)
09. White Knight – White Knight Jacks (Sunset Records Inc)
10. Home Wreckers – Jackin (Champion)
11. Daniel Andréasson – Flight 303 (Tabernacle Records)
12. Blake Baxter – Deris Me (Incognito)
13. Chez N Trent – The Choice (KMS)
14. Delano Smith – Nebula (Mixmode Recordings)
15. KW – Needs (Boe Recordings)
16. John Heckle – The Introvert/Extrovert (Tabernacle Records)

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Helena has dropped in to our inbox a solid belter of a mix. Old acid, chicago, electro and house. Miss Hauff runs the Hamburg club night Birds and Other Intruments every month where she brings over acts like Luke Eargoggle, Dynamo Dressen, and with the next party on 14th July, Morphosis.

The mix she’s given us is blended extremely well and fits the bill here at This Is Our House perfectly. I have thoroughly enjoyed this…


01. Bene Gesserit – Mickey, Please
02. The Exaltics – Auxiliary Ship
03. Liaisons Dangereuses – Los Ninos Del Parque
04. C-34 – Watch Yourself (Mick Wills Remix)
05. Gesloten Cirkel – Slample
06. Elec Pt.1 – I Am Waiting (Instrumental)
07. Borghesia – A.R.
08. Figuras Frustradas – More Drama
09. Unit Moebius – Work That Body
10. Alex.O.Smith – Ultra Fine Two
11. Loose Fingers – 303 Indigenous
12. Traxx – Identity Crisis
13. Africans With Mainframes – Untitled
14. Omar S feat. Dj B-len-D – Da Teys
15. Madato – Surfaces
16. Alan Hurst – Cosmic Cruiser
17. Doris Norton – Personal Computer
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Irish born, Leeds residing Gavin, teams up with Detroit born, Detroit residing Delano to deliver a record to suit varied tastes.

The A-Side belongs to Delano, his opener ‘Lost In Detroit’ is smooth and warm, slowly sucking you in with its swung out hi hats and understated bass line. A subtle vocal sample helps to develop this hypnotic groover into a soundtrack for that late night drive in the middle of nowhere. It builds, breaks and effortlessly re-develops itself in such a subtle way as to make this level of production sound easy.

Delano then follows this up with his ‘Deep Space’ remix of Gavin Herlihy’s ‘Krypton Factor’, the record’s B-Side track. Kicking off with a muggy, fogged out bassline, all bass and no highs. This is cut through by sweeping pads and short organ stabs that build this track with anticipation. When the highs rock in with a repeated vocal line that swells and breaks into a  typically Delano esque lead synth line, this piece goes from good to better. This is unequivocally my favourite track on this release.

Gavin Herlihy’s B-Side contribution, ‘Krypton Factor’s (Original Mix)’ is a cut up, glitched out house track that has a nice clean bass line and is layered by a sparse, eerie, synth sound scape. The track is helped to get rolling by nice 727 conga rhythms and the building of abstract sounds and well programmed beats. Although I dig the sounds in this track, at a little over ten minutes, I feel it doesn’t progress enough after the first two. A track that will appeal to more techy fans, but for people like me, who are looking for the deeper side of the spectrum, they will find all they need on the A-Side.

Apparel Records have delivered a record thats split down the middle. On one side, the deep emotion of Delano Smith, a man known for delivering tasteful, deep house music. And on the other side, the raw production of Gavin Herlihy, a man who has been making a serious name for himself through his releases. This is a great record for fans of both.

A1 Delano Smith – Lost In Detroit

B1 Gavin Herlihy – Krypton Factor

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01. Defcon – Wonka’s Fizzy Electro Beats (Unreleased)
02. Linear Movement – Way Out of Living (Stones throw)
03. Company Flow – Linoleum (Rawkus)
04. Myriadd – A Hazy Memory (Creme JAK)
05. Koova – Dark Science Electro (Unreleased)
06. Jared Wilson – Let Your Body Make Your Body (Conforce dusk till dawn mix) (Dolly)
07. White Mice – Nothing ever done before the time (Intelitec Muzik)
08. Den Harrow – Charleston (Baby Records)
09. Near Earth Object – Voice Stealer (Unreleased)
10. Lory D – Acidtronix (Numbers)
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