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The title, the design, the fact it’s on Sound Signature. Everything about this release is appealing before stylus is even put to wax. There’ll surely be a few cats wondering whether Spekter is actually the Specter. Well I can confirm from the man himself that it is indeed he, the K apparently being a typo on the record. As most visitors here may know, Specter‘s repertoire of deep sonics has spread itself over a number of formidable underground labels, namely Chicago’s Tetrode and Patrice Scott’s Sistrum Recordings. Excellent as they are, none of those releases carries the ominous intent of “Pipe Bomb” however.

“Pipe bombs concentrate pressure and release it suddenly”. This is the sound of that process slowed down to a crawl and played out over 7 Minutes and 6 seconds, a marked departure from the ever-brilliant off-kilter funk we’ve come to expect from Sound Signature. Here, Chicago-esque claps hit like shrapnel and gaseous synths and cosmic bleeps combine to make for a disorientating listening experience not unlike that of the hairier output of TnT. If you could imagine what Phuture would sound like had they been influenced by early Cluster and industrial machinery, then you might come close. Underpinning the track is an almost military bass and snare combo, marching through decimated streets to the end of the line, and ultimately keeping it back from the brink of becoming a beatless cosmic-synth epic.

Being the slab of heavy Kosmiche House it is, “Pipe Bomb” will be met with a large question mark for most DJ’s when considering to pack it in with the rest of their records before heading out the door to play. Then again, most DJ’s need to take more chances. If activated at the right time, this record has more than enough capacity to do the damage it promises to, and over time will be something that demands to be revisited when the need takes you. Which it will.

Specter – Pipe Bomb


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