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KW a.k.a. Kris Wadsworth has been putting out music for about 6 years now. Generally I’ve always dug his output, but his recent releases are really what needs shouting about. His ‘Escape From 48201 EP’ last year and his ‘A Sexual Position’ EP on Morris / Audio are great pieces and there seems to be no sign of changing ways with his latest output on London’s BOE Recordings.

KW’s opener ‘Undergrowth’ is a classic Detroit house sound. A punchy kick drum and classic Detroit pads hitting the offbeat get this track off to a great start. Sucking you in and squeezing you through slowly expanding drum patterns and organic synth sounds. Halfway through, and just when you’ve been sucked into the groove, KW builds with high placed strings and pushes this track into real dancefloor realms. This is a late night, deep house groove and one that proves slowly evolving house can be interesting, whilst being beautiful.

A2 follows this with ’Project 3′. Meandering, smooth and altogether laid back. Project 3 is packed with emotion. A high, drawn out pad fills the background as organ stabs play in the front. KW smoothly moves this track through its paces, organ stabs question and answer each other on the bass and treble. Serious Detroit deepness.

On the flip side, KW reflects on his ‘Detroit to London’ connection. Deep as dustbins, this jazzy house piece builds with a really nice trumpet line that delicately answers low strings. This is built upon by smooth sax licks and a brass section that starts flowing so naturally. Basement jazz for the connoisseur.

Finally, closing up the EP is ‘Needs’, a particular favourite of mine. A stripped down beat flows into anticipation with the help of “Wanna hear that shit”, followed by the right answer… “Please”. This advances into lovely synth lines reminscent of John Roberts, but with a Detroit edge. This track, in equal measures, gets deeper and funkier throughout. I can’t stop listening to this one!

Over the last four years, BOE have been putting out some of the best, modern deep house and techno. They show no sign of letting up when it comes to this quality. KW has released an excellent EP with depth and clarity and long may BOE continue their great judgement when it comes to releasing quality records.

KW – Undergrowth

KW – Needs

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