Abstract Acid bring to the fold, their second acid fuelled release.

Takeshi Kouzuki has really impressed with his releases on Jamal Moss’s Mathematics Label and with his latest release here, he continues to show that he is a talented producer who has a lot to show.

Takeshi’s opener ‘Isolation’ is a haunting, reverberated acid track. It’s quick pace, off the wall bassline pattern and it’s haunting pads instill a feeling of fear and uncertainty on the streets of downtown neo-tokyo.

The second track on the A side, ‘Synergy Effect’ hits home with a rhythmic, wobbling acid line. The claps and off beat timing pull you in, then the phased out hi hats spreads an electro funk throughout the track. Building drums flow into a gorgeous detroit sounding pad which elevates this stripped down number into a deep, funked out acid banger! This is without a doubt my favourite track here.

‘Pisces’ on the B side, jacks from the offset straight into an elated chord prgression and hypnotic 727 conga rhythms. The lead synth line brings this track into it’s own. The beautiful floating melody and sparce reverb of drums give this track a ‘Virgo-Esque’ quality that is rarely heard in modern house music.

The closing track is a pounding, solid acid track. Pure basement jack, it’s hypnotic bassline groove and almost 8bit sounding lead line going over and over in your head. With your fist pumping at your side and your head tilted back, you look at the ceiling as it oozes everyones condensed sweat onto your forehead and connects you with every other cunt in the room. Dark and moody, but altogether beautiful.

Takeshi Kouzuki has shown again that there are producers still making classic sounding, exciting acid house. Music that’s taking the best of old influences and making fresh tracks from it all. Being limited to 200 copies and with their last release selling out from pre-orders, it’s advisable to get in quick to get your hands on this. My names down for one already.

For soundclips and to pre-order head over to www.abstract-acid.com

Abstract Acid’s original and frankly brilliant artwork by AIC: http://andrewicooke.com/

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