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My debut EP will be out on Lunar Disko shortly. They are taking Pre-Orders now. Order with them direct and you’ll get a free MP3 download and a Lunar Disko sticker. Contact them at [email protected] to get your copy reserved.

Side A
Sur La Route
Raining In Here
Side B
East Coast Way
Silent Streets 

Meschi aka Paul Mitchell returns on Lunar Disko Records to present his debut EP ‘Shifting Harbour’. Four tracks encompassing soundtrack, ambient, electro, and Chicago influences.

Opening up the EP is the virtually hypnotic ‘Sur La Route’, with its spaced out soundscapes and floating melodies. This one could easily be mistaken for a score from your favourite Sci-Fi movie…

‘Raining in Here’ provides us with more resplendent deepness. Delicate and twinkling sounds shine over some neat 707 programming from one of Glasgow’s finest.

‘East Coast Way’ opens up a more jackin’ flipside, and this cut is exactly the kind of sound you can imagine the Hotmix 5 playing back in 84′! Precision 727 percussion and a delightful Chi-town bassline meet sweeping synth melodies and a delectable piano line…

‘Silent Streets’ completes the EP with commanding 707 percussion and a sub-bass that must be heard out loud! Spectral synth sounds and a killer acid-line make this track a certainty to jack the walls of your local after-hours Wink

Check out for soundclips.

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Daniel Andréasson hails from Alingsås on the west coast of Sweden and has been releasing music since 2006. Daniel has produced across a number of genres including IDM, techno, drum and bass and breakcore. Now, Tabernacle Records brings us his latest output, a mix of influence and styles on 12 inch wax.

To kick us off, ’The Sentinel’ is a slow, moody techno piece. It’s piercing lead synth line floats through an air of dirt and grime. Off beat hi hat splashes and muggy sounds are like listening to vintage Red Planet underwater.

The next track has sweet swung grooves and deep, complex pads. Slowly evolving, ‘Ibis228′ builds into a complex composition. The track sounds busy, but unconfused and progresses well throughout.

‘Flight 303′  is my favourite track on here. A thumping acid number, the bassline ducks and dives, creating an amazingly funky track using minimal input, stomping along, seemingly getting faster and faster. One for those late night sessions, where overexuberant behaviour and down right debauchary is deemed a more suitable way of life.

The flip side’s first track is aural bliss. ’Gerdsken’ is a beautiful ambient track that floats between Brian Eno and Popul Vuh. Melodies evolve through a thick air of pads, they reverberate and echo through chambers. Meandering and slowly winding its way through, it’s rare you hear such classical sounding ambience done this well.

Finishing off the EP, ‘cONCUSSION36′ is a dark, chicago jack track. It’s building frequency and nice chorussed lead line float over the top of jackbeat 707 patterns and a hypnotic, arpeggiated bassline to take this EP out on the high it has sustained throughout.

Daniel Andréasson has delivered a really fascinating record. 5 tracks that are all varied in style, but all show great skill and sound fantastic. Tabernacle Records have now released 4 EP’s that have consistently been exciting and fresh and I can’t wait to hear whats next.

Go to Tabernacle Records for soundclips and pre-orders.

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 01. Instra:Mental – Let’s Talk / Vicodin ([Naked Lunch])

Ever since hearing ‘Let’s Talk’ earlier in the month on Placid’s guest mix for us, I knew it was going straight to the top of my April list. Instra:Mental, usually known for a more deeper, darker dubstep sound, try their hand at house and fully succeed. The vocal catch on this moody groove is enough to send shivers down my spine. On top of this, ‘Vicodin’ is also a great track. I’d love to see more of this stuff from Instra:Mental.

 02. Acid Junkies - Paranoid Experience (DJAX Up Beats)

A really nice album with a few nice touches from 90′s dutch Acid Junkies, Stefan Robbers and Harold de Kinderen. The track that really grabbed me though is Acid Love Making. I’m always a fan of a hard tracks that are at the same time very beautiful. This floats from slow and smooth luscious pads, to hard acid, through techno and back again.

 03. Cottam – Cottam EP 2 (Cottam)

Combine deep house, jazz, dub and afrobeat and you get this stomper of an EP. Cottam has been releasing some belters on his own imprint, but the B side of this record rates above them all for me. Sounds like he’s orchestrating a full 10 piece band through their paces. Ebbs and flows, ebbs and flows.

 04. Raiders of the Lost Arp – Hold On (Snuff Trax)

Snuff Trax do it again, this time with the help from a few friends. Pigna People’s Mario Pierro shows his Chicago House leanings on side A with ’Stealing My Love’, rolling beats and really nice vocal catch, then a deep soulful pads bring the whole thing together. A simply deep track done very well with Photonz provide a decent jacked out remix. The B-side brings us Mario’s ‘Hold On’, a stripped down chopped up vocal track with rhythmic toms and classic breaks with the remix being supplied by the legendary Mr K’ Alexi Shelby.

 05. Daniel Andréasson – The Sentinel EP (Tabernacle Records)

Tabernacle Records are about to do it again with another brilliant release, this time from Sweden’s Daniel Andréasson. Review coming up shortly.

 06. Adonis presents: Charles B – Lack Of Love (Mathematics)

A re-issue of the super classic ‘Lack of Love’. One of my favourite all time Chicago tracks. The deep, squelched out acid bassline, the raw vocal and marching 707 percussion… man, what a track!

 07. Humandrone – Rude Low (We Play House)

Tokyo’s Humandrone debuts on wax with a track that I could best describe as crazy, appealing and a bit mental. Starting off with nothing but 909 rhythms, scratched out vocal samples and the odd penny whistles, after a build it develops into a chorus of more penny whistles, the odd piano stab and jacking claps. Developing further, falling apart, coming together, odd effects and falling away. This track is weird and wonderful.

 08. Tyree – Nuthin Wrong (Mojuba)

Tyree Cooper, stalwart of the Chicago House scene has his classic ’95 Dance Mania track reissued on Germany’s Mojuba Records. A dark and deep track with Tyree’s vocal building into a sweaty crescendo. Very typical of Dance Mania’s basement jack style, take heed… this is the shit.

 9. Autechre – Oversteps (Warp)

One of my releases of 2010. I listened to this whole thing again recently and it blew me away just as much as it did when I first listened to it.

 10. Adalberto – House Party / Fatjack – Acidicted (Acidicted)

Adalberto’s ‘Houze to Houze’, released recently on Automatik Datamatik and sold out quicker than I would’ve liked as it was limited somewhat to 99 copies. It has now been repressed on AD’s sublabel, Acidicted. On the flipside this time, some more deep acid tracks by Fatjack. Beast!

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Placid is a man we have known of for a long time. The Bristol based DJ has been a major contiributor to the UK house scene since the start and has been showing the world what he loves for over 20 years.

Along with hosting his website, a site dedicated to its name sake, Placid manages to put out an inordinate amount of superb mixes, and I’ve still to hear one that is anything less than brilliant. We knew he would deliver This Is Our House a mix of equal calibre and he did. This is deep. 


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This Is Our House proudly presents the first of our pre-recorded shows, looking into the tracks that shaped the musical interests of some of our favourite artists, DJs and promoters.

For our first instalment we have Neville Watson, purveyor and creator of quality records and long time champion of the house scene in the U.K.

Neville has chosen a selection of tracks that stretch back through his life, taking in an eclectic mix of punk, reggae, classical and more. This Is Our House presents all of those tracks in full, accompanied with a conversation with Neville about the meaning and memories the music holds for him.

All the information you need about the tracks is contained within the show, so sit back, relax and allow us to guide you through the sounds that shaped the mind of one of the U.K’s most valued house producers.


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Abstract Acid bring to the fold, their second acid fuelled release.

Takeshi Kouzuki has really impressed with his releases on Jamal Moss’s Mathematics Label and with his latest release here, he continues to show that he is a talented producer who has a lot to show.

Takeshi’s opener ‘Isolation’ is a haunting, reverberated acid track. It’s quick pace, off the wall bassline pattern and it’s haunting pads instill a feeling of fear and uncertainty on the streets of downtown neo-tokyo.

The second track on the A side, ‘Synergy Effect’ hits home with a rhythmic, wobbling acid line. The claps and off beat timing pull you in, then the phased out hi hats spreads an electro funk throughout the track. Building drums flow into a gorgeous detroit sounding pad which elevates this stripped down number into a deep, funked out acid banger! This is without a doubt my favourite track here.

‘Pisces’ on the B side, jacks from the offset straight into an elated chord prgression and hypnotic 727 conga rhythms. The lead synth line brings this track into it’s own. The beautiful floating melody and sparce reverb of drums give this track a ‘Virgo-Esque’ quality that is rarely heard in modern house music.

The closing track is a pounding, solid acid track. Pure basement jack, it’s hypnotic bassline groove and almost 8bit sounding lead line going over and over in your head. With your fist pumping at your side and your head tilted back, you look at the ceiling as it oozes everyones condensed sweat onto your forehead and connects you with every other cunt in the room. Dark and moody, but altogether beautiful.

Takeshi Kouzuki has shown again that there are producers still making classic sounding, exciting acid house. Music that’s taking the best of old influences and making fresh tracks from it all. Being limited to 200 copies and with their last release selling out from pre-orders, it’s advisable to get in quick to get your hands on this. My names down for one already.

For soundclips and to pre-order head over to

Abstract Acid’s original and frankly brilliant artwork by AIC:

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When we asked Jasper if he would do a mix for the site we knew we would get the cream of the House crop. Jasper is part of Tabernacle Records and the releases they have been delivering are testiment to his and his label cohort’s fine fine tastes.

This is one for those summer BBQ parties, so get yer shorts out, don those shite ten pound shades and hang about your town centre shouting “YALDI!” at your fellow brothers and sisters. Let them embrace this or make them embrace this, the outcome’s the same.

01. Foremost Poets – Reasons To Be Dismal? (Beyond Sight Version)
02. Soul Beats III – High
03. Wyndell Long – Dinner Is Ready
04. Glenn Underground – N’da Rose
05. Black Traxx – Sensual Wash
06. Terrence Parker – Tribute
07. Cratesavers – So Lucky
08. Introsik – Groove Boxx (Train Mix)
09. Eddie, Santonio, Art Forest – Visitors
10. Jamerson – Got To Give It Up (Agent X Mix)
11. Eddie ”Flashin” Fowlkes – Track 1
12. Mark Du Mosch – Blessings
13. Jack Rabbit Martin – Only Wanted To Be
14. Reggie Dokes – Black Thoughts


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My track ‘Arctic Wolf (End Credits)’ is out 02/05/11 on Cyber Dance’s Double 12″ and CD compilation ‘Messages From The Void Vol II’.

01. Night System – Flight To Zanzibar (Flemming Dalum Remix)
02. Serious Lover - Got It Wrong
03. Spruxxx and Bill Ambrose - Bad Lovers Bad Drivers
04. Tommy Walker 3 – Let’s Not Go
05. Mark Du Mosch – Pacifix
06. Martin Aston – Mamasita
07. Bill Ambrose – Pariah
08. Brassica – Lydden Circuit
09. Ali Renault - Deep Sea Pumas
10. Spruxxx and Ali Renault – Blades
11. Meschi – Arctic Wolf (End Credits)

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