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Get yer gun it’s time to jack.


01. 7 Citizens – Watson’s Party 7
02. Virgo Four - I Love You
03. Rick Poppa Howard – Do What You Have To Do
04. Meschi – Concrete Island
05. Tyrez – Technical Love
06. Orgue Electronique – Bitter Cherry Leaves
07. Mario Reyes ft. Joenell – Lost Love
08. Neville Watson & Kink – Metropole
09. D.J. System – Animal House
10. Perseus Traxx - Sticky Fingers
11. R-A-G – Redsquare (Aroy’s edit)
12. Adalberto – The Dance
13. 2AM FM – Desolate Cities
14. Perseus Traxx – Remake 508



So my trip didn’t start well, 3 hours of delays on the train, then a stinking 3 and a half hour bus journey, then a horrible wait in Newcastle’s premier taxi rank for a cab. 9 and a half hours for a 3 hour journey was never going to be fun.

But I was met at The Tanners with a warm welcome and a cold beer. Got set up and jacked out and had a ton of fun! Here’s the recording of the night.


Thanks to all the lads for their heavy hospitality, the digs, the beer and the haggis.


This month I’ve been listening back to some old favourites. Also, coming soon, look out for my first ever recorded live ser… and its sounding good.

1.Tin Man – Love Sex Acid (Keys Of Life)

The first track I ever heard from Californian born Johannes Auvinen was ‘Falling Acid’. Luscious pads develop and mature, then out of no where, a distinctly mr fingers bassline and sweet, acid tones come in to create one of my favourite deep, acid beasts!

2. John Rocca – Move (Criminal Records)

I first heard this when Tevo Howard closed his set at Slabs of the Tabernacle in Glasgow. Totally brilliant deep Chicago track. The bass goes right through you and comes out the other end jacking.

3. D’Marc Cantu – Set Free / Tonight (Mos Deep)

Reviewed earlier on this month by me, theres not much else to say but… set aboot it!

4. Alides Hidding – Hollywood 7 (Polydor)

Alides Hidding is a man known for being able to deliver different genres of music well. A cover of the beautiful Jon English track, ‘Hollywood 7′ brings us a hard hitting, emotional disco track about the trials and tribulations of an actress, trying to make it in Hollywood. The arpeggiated bassline just rolls and rolls and when that vocal comes… it sends shivers down my spine. The mix of funk and emotion going in and out of the chorus and the amazing sax solo, ensures that this track will stay on the top of my all time favourites for quite some time.

5. Delano Smith – Deep Fundamentals (Mixmode Recordings)

Serious release from another serious Detroit producer. Delano delivers blissful deep house tracks that flow like no other. Throughout ‘Nebula’, the sweeping pads build and build and the beautiful lead synth tone elevates this track to an absolute classic. Sounds brilliant when played out loud.

6. Little Toni Marsh – Video Burnout (Prism Records)

An electro track about not going to school and spending all your lunch money on video games. Brilliantly funky, amazing vocal hooks and some nicely used 80′s 8bit sounds.

7. Risse – House Train (Jack Trax)

Sidrad from Glasgow’s Stay Plastic night did a mix for us a while back. This track was on it and it completely blew me away. Fast paced, jacking to shit and with a belter of a vocal, I deny anyone not to get down hard to this one.

8. M5 - Celestial Highways (Metroplex)

An unbelievable classic from Gerald Mitchell. Celestial Highways is a soaringly beautiful techno track that is as deep as it comes. One I only recently picked up, but one I’ve listened to for a long time.

9. Riz Ortolani – Cannibal Holocaust (Red Stream Inc)

I’ve always been a massive fan of soundtracks and in particular, horror soundtracks. Riz Ortalani’s music to this original video nasty is one of darkness, horror, brooding suspense and out and out beauty.

10. Mikki – Love Emergency (Pop Art Records)

An original floor filler from back in the day, Mikki’s ‘Love Emergency’ is a mix between Joyce Simms and Twilight 22. Beautiful electro, beautiful singing, beautful track.


Mother brings us his charts thick and fast… Here’s his March selections.

01. Four Tet/Daphni – Pinnacles/Ye Ye (Text)

Fourtet’s Keiran Hebdan and Caribou’s Dan Snaith (under the guise of Daphni) combine their talents on this killer 12″ on Text. While never being much of a Caribou fan, it’s clear that Dan Snaith’s contribution to this EP (“Ye Ye”) is by far the superior cut. Worth the money alone, this Electro/House/Techno epic is of a standard rarely heard

02. Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka – Infamous (Fifty Weapons)

Stellar collaboration between two craftsmen of cross-genre hybrid work. Those expecting a UK Funky vibe can stop worrying now, this is driving, acid-soaked house that tips it’s hat to current modes of underground bass music.

03. Joy O. – Wade In/Jels (Hotflush)

While always retaining a strong house influence in his music, it seems that Joy Orbison has made a full transition into that genre on his latest EP for Hotflush. “Jels” is marked by big claps and a bubbling, deep 303 line, while “Wade In” nods to the Dirty D with it’s jangling percussion, thumping kick and some uplifting piano tings to keep the classic heads happy.

04. Osunlade – Radar Du (Soul Jazz)

I (unbelievably) forgot this even existed until stumbling back on it last week. Out and out classic stuff from the man Osunlade.

05. Rick Wilhite – Limited Japan Promo 1 (Still Music)

The Godson returns in fine form with this first promo EP from the “Anolog Aquarium” album. My personal favourite of the two tracks presented here, “Cosmic Jungle”, first surfaced on the compilation “In The Dark: The Soul of Detroit” as a collaboration with Urban Tribe’s Sherard Ingram and is one of the best examples of that classic “beatdown” sound as you’re ever gonna hear.

06. Boddika – Elektron/Underground (Swamp81)

The prolific Boddika stuns yet again with his debut 12″ for Loefah’s Swamp81 imprint. The current house fetishism of the UK underground is left by the wayside as we’re treated to two short-but-sweet tutorials in tight Electro movements.

07. Theo Parrish feat. IG Culture – Traffic (Kindred Spirits)

Sounding like the title theme to a B-Movie Detroit remake of Bullet, this collaboration between main man Parrish and Broken Beat Don IG Culture will have you speeding through downtown Motherwell in yer Mum’s banged-up Punto wishing you were the black Steve McQueen.

08. Marcellus Pittman – The Eastside Story (Seventh Sign)

Deep, deep stuff from Pittman here, showing his known ability to be diverse within the confines of his genre. Presented by the excellent Seventh Sign label. Fork out and support the cause.

09. Kyle Hall – The Water Is Fine (Moods & Grooves)

Funk for the trunk on this excellent EP featuring uptempo grooves and blissed out g-funk melodies all filtered through the unique brain of Kyle Hall.

10. Jus-Ed – I’m Coming (Underground Quality)

Perpetuating the standard it’s known for, Underground Quality brings us this future-classic deep house cut from label head Jus-Ed. On remix duties are Aybee and man-of-the-moment Levon Vincent, stripping back the track to it’s essentials and working it from there.


Snuff Trax for Japan is in digital music shops now. This charitable project has grown huge and over 40 artists from around the globe have contributed. Buy and support.

“Snuff Trax For Japan” unites over 40 artists from all over the world. Initiated by Snuff Crew, the benefit project aims to help the people in Japan after the earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Danger.

Snuff Crew: We are all shocked about the terrible things that happened and are still happening in Japan. We all watched the news about those events and felt so helpless in front of these unbelievable sights, and the whole situation seemed so unreal. For us we have to try to help and as artists, music is the most obvious thing we can offer. So we’ve decided to release a digital benefit compilation called Snuff Trax For Japan on our own label. For this project we contacted other producers to take part and everybody we asked directly agreed and gave us a track or remix for the compilation.

Incredibly Humandrone who lives in Tokyo produced a track for it, so within a few days this large project with great artists from many countries was realized. We give thanks to every artist that joined us and we really hope we can help the people in Japan with this charity project. Our digital distributor Para-Dize from Hamburg/Germany is placing the compilation in digital stores right now. All receipts of “Snuff Trax For Japan” will be sent to the Red Cross donation account for Japan.

Click here to buy from WhatPeoplePlay
Click here to buy from Juno


01. Laurent Garnier – Cancel The Apocalypse
02. Joe Drive – The Delivery
03. Humandrone – Sun Pillar On the Debris
04. Zwei Of Snuff Crew – Fukushima
05. Billie Ray Martin and Hard Ton – Sold Life (Luke Solomon Remix)
06. Quinto – We Don`t Sleep At Night Part 1
07. KiNK – Memories From The Future
08. Neville Watson – Keep On
09. Patrick Pulsinger – 12a (Dub Version)
10. Dance Disorder – Future Retro
11. Legowelt – I Want Your Love
12. The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club – Birds Of Japan
13. DJ Gio MC-505 – My Face On Rushmore Mount
14. Marcello Napoletano – Acid Sunday
15. Morning Factory – Deepest Thoughts
16. Detachments – Holiday Romance (Andy Blake`s Mix For A World Unknown)
17. Photonz – Carnival Of Light
18. The Model – Bump And Jack
19. Hard Ton – Marilyn (Zoe Xenia Dub`n Pop Mix)
20. Elec Pt.1 – It´s House
21. Hieroglyphic Being – Siddharta (Part1)
22. DJ M-Traxxx – House Thunda (Unreleased Mix)
23. Roberto Rodriguez – The Girl Who Silenced The World
24. Discodromo – Bunraku
25. Romina Cohn – Follow Me
26. Meschi – Stay And Play
27. House Machine – Relief (Mix for Japan)
28. Demetrio Giannice – Untidled (One for larry) (Strictly For Japan Mix)
29. Moralez aka Telecommander1 – Life Time Groove
30. Simoncino – Japanese Heart
31. Pathetik – Accroupi
32. Roland Bassline – Ode To Mick
33. Ascii.Disko – Blues For The Red Sun
34. Joel Alter – Roll With Me
35. Andreas Henneberg, Marquez Ill, Leigh Myles – Thousand Paper Cranes
36. Eins of Snuff Crew – Kana Power
37. Remute – Worldfingers
38. Oliver Dodd – Tokyo Lovers
39. Lukatron (aka Luke Solomon) – Tommy´s Cream Soda
40. Renato Cohen – Silly Walk
41. Featherweight – Featherweight (Expanded Mix)
42. Kool & Duvall – U Lift Me Up (Craig Stewart Remix)
43. Fran Mela aka I.F.M. – Not A Game
44. Phil Moon aka Valyom – Einstein Romance
45. Mark Boombastik & Eduardo Delgado Lopez – Anders

More info:

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A host of great producers are turning their hand to vintage sounding house, making tracks that touch on the soul of Chicago while remaining fresh and contemporary. Perseus Traxx is one of them and This Is Our House caught up with him to talk about pre internet frustration, self releasing records and of course, house music.

Perseus, son of Zeus, and his mother Dannae were cast away from Argos, out to sea by her father Acrisius. Acrisius was warned by the Oracle that his daughter’s son would one day kill him. Perseus and his mother found refuge on the island of Seriphos, but endured decades of turmoil and violence at the hands of monsters and rouges, until the day Persues would return to Argos and slaughter Acredies.

And now, a man has come forth who bears the legend’s name, wielding vintage synthesisers and slaying sub-standard productions with unique and interesting rhythms.

Nigel Stephen Rogers is 35 year old, Cambridgeshire born Perseus Traxx. He’s had two releases – a wax stamped pressing on his own label Future Flash and the latest release from Dutch  label Bunker. It’s Nigel‘s inherent soul and breadth of style – which can go from classic 303 manipulations, to a deeper, more atmospheric composition – which is also catching the interest of labels like M/O/S.

Tall, relaxed and broad shouldered, Nigel‘s non descript tee shirt and jeans hang casually, wisps of grey interjecting a mess of brown hair. His laughter is infectious as he chats in a soft Yorkshire accent about some early musical explorations.

His interest in dance music began at twelve, when reading about acid house while delivering newspapers, but with one record shop full of Indie and the other staffed by people exhibiting fairly typical, aloof behaviour, it was a struggle to feed his interest.

Then he received a small radio as a present. It had an antenna that clipped onto your inside aerial, picking up channels from around the U.K. He set about making some modifications, and with wire running over his lights and across the ceiling, he leaned dangerously out of his bedroom window and clipped it onto his gutter,

“That was it! On a Thursday night, for a few hours, I could pick up the Abstract Dance Show before it turned to fuzz at about one in the morning.”

Nigel exudes this can-do attitude. He leans back and talks modestly, but with deserved pride, about his first release, ’Remake 508’, a record which he funded with a settlement from a housing situation that went wrong.

“Guy [Tavares] at Bunker was interested in my stuff, but he had other music to release first, so I mentioned I was going to start Future Flash and he suggested I do ‘Remake 508‘.”

But releasing a record is not easy. Nigel’s demo was branded “too retro” by distributors who also requested a ‘big name‘ remix on it. Overcoming countless knock backs he eventually got a yes from Chris Duckenfield at All Ears Distribution.

After getting 100 pressed, Nigel hand stamped them with a wax seal, a task which nearly killed him. The sealing wax wouldn’t burn hot enough, so the wick had to be removed, leaving a pile of red lumps. With some angle nosed pliers, an empty tuna can and a small gas stove, Nigel began melting the wax down inside the tin and started branding each label.

“I stamped a hundred records. The fumes were brutal, I could feel them tearing up my lungs.”

Every copy of ’Remake 508’ went to Japan almost instantly, prompting Nigel to risk his life again and press another hundred for the distributors that had previously shunned him.


’Remake 508’ was a distinctly Chicago record – a sound that Nigel has set out to achieve – however his latest release, ‘Untitled‘, on Bunker, explores a wider sonic range.

Those tracks were composed over eight years, with a variety of hardware and software, under various living conditions. But, thanks to the expert selection of Guy Tavares, it works as a complete composition of interesting house music.

“’Untitled’ deviates from the Chicago sound a bit, some are more Detroit, and others, like ‘U-Boat’, I done quite a while ago.”

Some were even composed at a time when Nigel had become disenchanted with music. He was penniless and stressed, prompting him to sell his machines and begin a forestry course to take his life in another direction.

“It didn’t last long though, I was soon tinkering with software.”

Experimenting with Reason and Ableton, Nigel also began to incorporate some old samples from his machines, creating some of the acid sounds that feature on the record.

“I dropped out of the course and began buying equipment again, so some tracks are all hardware, but I don’t think you can tell the difference. It all sounds nice and fuzzy.”


And there is momentum building for his style of warm, analogue music. Nigel is already lined up with a release on legendary label M/O/S in the summer, as well as seeing offers from a few underground labels based in the U.K as well.

Perseus Traxx stands among the core group of producers that have one ear in Chicago and the other in the present. And just like the mythical Greek hero he is a battle hardened soldier, fighting against mediocrity and stagnation on the dusty plains of house music.


Also check out this exclusive mix Perseus Traxx done for us, featuring all his own material, both released and unreleased. Get the mix here.
01. Andromeda [Bunker 3093]
02. Hot Pursuit
03. New Drum Kit
04. Jackin’ The Dancefloor
05. Nod Of Acknowledgement
06. Soul Force (by Soul Force aka N.Rogers & R.Thompson – vocal sample by Palmer Brown – sampled from “Do You Remember House?” by Blaze)
07. Close
08. Alternate Systems
09. Return To Seriphos (Aroy Dee’s edit)
10. Remake 508 [Future Flash 001]
11. Star Destroyer (Aroy Dee’s edit)
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I thought I would inform everyone of a very special release being organised by Cologne’s Snuff Crew. They will be releasing a digital compilation on Snuff Trax where all proceeds go towards the German Red Cross to help with their relief efforts out in Japan.

A lot of artists from the international community have contributed, including Snuff Crew themselves, KiNK, Neville Watson, Patrick Pulsinger, Hard Ton, Elec Pt.1, The Model, Andy Blake, Luke Solomon, Dance Disorder, Photonz, Marcello Napoletano, Remute, Morning Factory, DJ M-Traxxx, Billie Ray Martin, Ascii.Disko, Romina Cohn, Discodromo, Roberto Rodriguez, myself and more.

More info coming soon of when and where it will be available.

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We’re back in the Halt for another messy all day session, and if yer not making it to Bloc this year then feel free to pop to this. At least ye won’t get searched every 15 minutes and get all yer ectos took off ye at our gig. In fact, we’ll probably give ye some.

Joining us for the evening will be Bureau13 for their real time live debut, re-scheduled from Christmas. For those that don’t know, Bureau13 is a collaboration between Koreless (Pictures Music) who has recently been setting the airwaves alight on Radio1, gaining plaudits from Giles Peterson and Jamie XX no less, and Acto from Glasgows very own ALL CAPS collective, one of the city’s brightest prospects for true underground dance. Their debut EP will be out on Fortified this year, so here’s an early chance to see what all the fuss is about. Here’s Koreless’ live set for the Boiler Room to tick you over:

Check out the All Caps Soundcloud page which features tracks fom Alex Coulston’s forthcoming EP on the label. Quality house & techno cuts that you should be sure to cop when the EP drops in April:

Also on the boards will be Tom Churchill, a man who really needs no introduction, but i’ll give ye one anyway. Tom has been an intergral part of the UK underground since the inception of his influential label Headspace back in ’98. Since then, Tom’s productions and DJ’ing have went from strength to strength, and with his current foray into electronica influenced dubstep under the moniker of Monochrome he’s showing no signs of letting up the good shit anytime soon. For this set Tom will be breaking out his Broken Beat collection from classic to modern tracks. Joining him will be Smiddy, an up and coming Erskine resident who’s eclectic sets have been rocking Aberdeen’s Acid Thunder night in fine style. And as sure as shit the almighty rucking crew Electric Eliminators will be in full effect, with Charlie, Barry B, The Popester and Mother bringing you everything from dub and hip hop to house and techno. So come down for a good old knees up and support some true underground Scottish electronic music. 6pm – 12am, Free.

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MOS Recordings continue their MOS Deep 10″ series with another killer release.

D’Marc Cantu has brought us a number of EPs on Créme Organisation’s Jak series, most of which have been dark, stripped down affairs. His previous release on MOS Deep, as 2AM FM with collaborator James T Cotton, is one of our favourite new releases and he continues to impress with his latest solo work.

‘Set Free’ kicks off the EP with a gutteral, flanged out bassline that sounds like an elastic band wrapping itself round your subwoofer. Some luscious pads are slowly released and the track really comes alive. ‘Set Free’ hypnotises you throughout, and the repeated chord progression makes it ebb and flow naturally from one section to another until it devolves and creeps back into itself. I could play this track over and over again.

‘Tonight’ is haunting. The opening synth looms over you and the track kicks in over floating, abstract voices. The rolling toms and snaps of the 808′s snare drum make this track dark, deep and jacking. This track should be listened to in a dark basement with nothing but a strobe light and a smoke machine. A place where sweat drips off the ceiling, down your back and into your shoes.

D’Marc Cantu continues his style of merging the best of detroit with the best of chicago, stripping it down and starting again in what can really be classed as the deepest of deepest house music.

Set Free


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Ali Renault will be hosting the Magic Waves show on IntergalacticFM tonight and our man Textbook Lover is heading along to spin some records and drink some beer. Tune in from 8pm GMT!

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