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More Tyneside rockin from the This is Our House crew.

Can’t wait to Jack Newcastle and to play tunes again for these really top guys! When it comes to hosting a party, these lads mean business! Here’s the Blurb:

“This month’s Face Your Fate live session sees the return to Newcastle of Paul Mitchell aka Meschi. It was 2008 when Meschi first hit the North East coast supporting Orgue Electronique at Road to Rimini. A regular mix contributor to CBS (Cybernetic Broadcasting Systems), and Dream Machine cohort with Rick Hopkins and Johnny 5; Meschi has cut his teeth with thee very best.

The last 12 months have seen Meschi hone and develop his own productions which has resulted in an excellent contribution on the recent Lunar Disko House Expressions 12”…. with more releases to come and with Roland 707 under his arm he’ll jackin’ the Tanners til the wee hours end of this month.

Fresh gigs at last years Magic Waves and last month’s Bodyhammer in London have proved his worth as a live performer, so roll up your sleeves and flex those pectorals on Saturday 26th March in the only pub that matters.

A late license and an extra bump in the bass will ensure we make you move!”

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Just about recovered from last night’s Bodyhammer gig and it was absolutely brilliant. It’s been some time since I was last at that venue and forgot how great the atmosphere is. You head round the back of an unassuming office block, and wait in line at the entrance to a service lift. You clamber in giving your secret password and the ascent begins. Slowly you’re taken up to the top floor, each passing second the music getting louder and louder, people start dancing in the lift and when it opens onto the dancefloor, you pounce out, never stopping til the evening’s done.

I had a brilliant time playing to an amazing crowd of serious jackers! Here’s some videos of the night, the crowd, the noise and the music, enjoy!

(There aint no better sound than the thumping kick of the 707 on a decent system… oh aye!)


If you are in Newcastle tonight, do not miss this.

This is Our House’s Textbook Lover is playing some of your new favourite records at The Tanner’s in support of John Heckle. John will be bringing a few machines with him for a dj/live/box jam set and The Textbook Lover will be bringing his usual dose of amazing house, disco, techno, electro and everything in between.

Set aboot it!


And finally, The Textbook Lover brings us his currently spinning discs… BLAOW!

 1. 2AM FM – Desolate Cities E.P (Mos Deep)

The latest release from the combined exploits of James T Cotton and D’Marc Cantu continues their exploitation of demanding analogue bass lines and stripped down acid house. ‘Desolate Cities’ stays true to its name sake and paints a picture of a sparse sonic soundscape, resided over by a doom mongering and menacingly vocodered voice track. ‘Give this world’, on the B side, provides a more introspective take, as the warm plodding bass line drives a groove rife with sparkling keys, optimistic pads and a sun-kissed synth solo straight from the free-form funk hand book.

 2. Rick ‘ Poppa’ Howard – Do What You Have To Do (Hour House Is Your Rush)

Rick ‘Poppa’ Howard dives deep with his second release on Hour House is Your Rush as dream level synth rhythms layer up, supported on a delicate combination of subtle bass lines and a mellow drum track. The vocal musters intense soul as it pleads away sporadically, ‘Pick yourself up” he says, as the full symphony of delicately balanced house takes over. Soulful, expertly structured and emotional.

 3. The Otherside ft Musa K – Headless Corpse (Signals)

If you could package sex drive and press it to vinyl, this record would be producing more hard dicks than a truck load of viagra. Fresh Newcastle based label Signals continues its impressive output with this, its second release. ‘Headless Corpse’ is all disco glam, northern soul and dark nights spent in basements, as Musa K flippantly hits us with lines that are sexy in tone but sinister in meaning. The other side, ‘Roadblock’, should be a lesson to the legions of producers making tedious and uninteresting slow disco jams…this is how you do it. Fearsome but unobtrusive vocal chattering accompanies a deep groove and a shimmering sax solo as The Otherside hit you with a slow grind sex attack.

 4. Loosefingers – What is House (Alleviated records)

Laser-like 303 acid lines fire through a disjointed rhythm as some thoroughly evil vocal workings tell us who house was and where she came from. ‘What is House’ propels itself forward unrelentingly and is truly hypnotic. The track “is meant to be danced to” in a sweat drenched room in an unforgiving tower block in the dark heart of the city. ‘Dreaming of better days’ is the complete opposite, you’d expect to hear this in a red lit room, crushed velvet curtains stretching from ceiling to floor while impossibly beautiful women float from table to table, nurturing lost souls back to a blissful existence.

 5. House of Jezebel – Love & Happiness (Rush Hour)

Legowelt opts for a cover of soul classic ‘Love & Happiness’ and makes light work of it under his House of Jezebel moniker. The percussion rides on a hot and moaning bass line, while blues piano notes drop in from out of nowhere and disappear again beneath the hail of rattling snare drums and razor sharp hi hats. A yearning vocal sample perpetually invades your consciousness, the girl on the wrong side of the tracks, just looking for a chance to change.

 6. Mario Reyes ft Joe Nell – Lost Love (I Want You Back) (DJ International)

I’ll always throw in a couple of old ones, and when it comes to Chicago bass lines and lustful female vocals, ‘Lost Love’ will have you broken out in goosebumps before the end of the first bar. Sharp, organic, full-bodied and ablaze with the indescribable rhythmic qualities that soak a track in jack. If you haven’t heard this tune, find it, buy it and dance uncontrollably!

 7. House of Trax Vol.5 – (Rush Hour/Trax)

Another one of the Trax reissues, the A side of this record is Gwendolyn’s ‘Come To Me’.Vince Lawrence and Jessie Saunders create early electro beats made from modulating bass notes and FX ridden synths that glide through the groove. Gwendolyn gives an impeccable Blondie-esque performance in the verse which leads into a catchy and uplifting vocal hook that can’t fail please. The dubbed out version by Farley Jackmaster Funk remains near beatless throughout, giving a peculiar, unique and very interesting take on early house. Jessie Saunder’s Z-Factor has ‘Fantasy’ on the flip and the italo influence can clearly be heard. It’s synth-disco and it’s delightful but can’t touch the A side.

 8. D’Marc Cantu & The Maniacs – Future Electronix E.P (Nation)

Seriously intense and barren music here. ‘It’s my body’’s offkey acid lines and bare bones percussion combine with drilling intensity as relentless hats crash down on you with ferocious terror. The 303 continually stabs until you’re a bloody pool of broken veins gasping for breath on a darkly stained wooden floor. The other side ups the stakes with dark wave rave, an ever present snare drum marches this rhythm forward, tightly cocooned within a field of barbed light that sparks off each rapidly growing drum sound. Lunacy from deep space that brings you crashing from the cosmos at 500mph.

 9. Tyrez – Breath of Desire (Dolly)

The grooves on this record are so rammed full of that warm, beefy, analouge sound that has become synonymous with Tevo Howard that it should come with a label warning that excessive play will wear out your tone arm. With the title track, ‘Breath of Desire’, the bass is deep, raw and welcoming as it sits beneath a melancholy piano roll. Weeping pads surge up and down while crystal clear percussive sounds drive us through a wet night, broken and abused, as the amber lights flash above our head. This is by far my favourite track from the Chicagoan so far. ‘Technical Love’ is more of a nod to the dancefloor, but not without the intriguingly off key synth flashes – like a tesco till from another galaxy. More shining and shivering pads collide with that distinctly Tevo flavour for yet more guaranteed house music.

 10. Heartbreakers – What Do Boys Know About Love (Reality Records)

Another old one to close out this months charts from eclectic producer Pascal. An exemplary piece of early electro-disco, ‘What do boys know…’ combines classic hip-hop stabs and drum patterns with space age synth licks and a voice from one of New York’s high-rise disco crack dens. The music jams forward as she raps about let downs and put downs, warning her kind that boys don’t know nothing about love. Eletro funk in its earliest form.


Next up, Mother’s top 10 bangers of the moment…

  1. Kassem Mosse – Workshop 12 (Workshop)

Everytime this chap puts out a record it’s a buy-on-sight affair, and this is no different. His previous output for Workshop has been of the highest standard, and on this offering Mosse takes us into his own Elecronica-influenced House territory once again with 4 tracks ranging from acid-flecked grooves to Virgo as reworked by Autechre modes.

  2. John Roberts – Glass Eights (Dial)

This is as solid and realised as a house album gets, and definitely up there with the best LP’s released last year.

 3. Vinalog – Relative 03 (Relative)

Jacking stripped-back analogue house from the mysterious Relative camp. The thump of Chicago and the percussion of Detroit meet Johnny Cash sitting in a toilet reading The Doors biography while listening to The Geto Boys. Thats what the NME would say.

 4. Omar S – Here’s Your Trance Now Dance (FHXE)

He makes em, we buy em. Thats the way things work here on Planet Earth.

 5. Marcellus Pittman – M. Pittman EP (FXHE)

A classic cut from one of my favourite Detroit producers. This, in fine Detroit style, bends the rules in all the right points. Stop whatever record you had on and listen to ‘Nyrobi Knight’.

 6. Ramadanman & Appleblim – Void 23 (Carl Craig Remix) (Aus)

A percussive workout from these two hits the mark, but it’s definitely about the Carl Craig remix flipside on this one. In typical Carl Craig fashion he leaves additional production to a minimun, restructuring the track and adding extra synth work to flesh out and improve on what would’ve been otherwise just pretty good.

 7. Altered Natives – No Mortgage (Bosconi)

Danny Natives recent excursion into deep house territory is essential for those fans of Moodymann, Move D etc and is a testiment to his versatility as a producer.

 8. Appointment – Reel 2 Real (Appointment)

You’re 17 and at a club. You’ve dropped yer first ecto and you’ve just told the random bloke dancing next to you that you wanna have kids tomorrow and you want him to be their Godfather, and that you and him are gonna start a night too and maybe a label if yer maw lends you 300 quid which you’re pretty sure she will. Fast forward ten years. Your ecto dreams are in tatters and they dont make techno like they used to. That guy you were talking to is now doing time for sexual assault, and you cant have kids because Doc says ‘it’s no hapnin’. Your only consolance is finding out that they do actually still make techno like they used to.

 9. Moodymann – Freeki Mutha Fucker (KDJ)

What’s there to say about this track that hasn’t already been said? Nothing.

 10. Sandwell District – Feed Forward Test Sessions (Sandwell District)

More dynamic techno from the Regis, Function and Silent Servant collaborative effort that has undoubtedly went ways to introducing a whole new generation to that classic brummie sound.


Today we start This is Our House Charts! Tomorrow we will post Mother’s, the day after The Textbook Lover’s, then the Chart’s page will appear. But for now, here’s my Winter 2011 chart, full of all my favourite releases at the moment. We will have some guest charts coming real soon too.

VIRGO FOUR - Resurrection  1. Virgo Four - Resurrection (Rush Hour)

I know this isn’t out yet, but it’s definitely going in here. Due to come out on Rush Hour shortly, this compendium of unreleased Virgo Four tracks, brought to you on 5 x 12″ vinyl, is full to the brim and cut to the edge with out and out classics.

 2. Kink and Neville Watson – Metropole (Your House Is Our Rush)

Another future classic from this Rush Hour sublabel. The ‘French Kiss’ synth lead and altogether beef of ‘Metropole’ is really nicely contrasted by ‘The Long Wait’ on the B side. A spacey, meandering chicago track that loses very little of its jack… a really nice balance.

ACE/THE SANDMAN/JAMIE PRINCIPLE - House Of Trax Vol 3 3. Ace & Sandman/Jamie Principle – House of Trax vol 3 (Rush Hour/Trax)

Rush have released a few of these old, hard to find Trax records. This being without a doubt the best. Ace and Sandman’s ‘Let Your Body Talk’ has one of the smoothest, chicago house compositions I’ve ever heard. It flows so nicely. This along with three amazing Jamie Principle tracks, makes it one hell of a release.

XENOGEARS aka THE ANALOGUE COPS - 72 Bridges EP 4. Xenogears aka The Analogue Cops – 72 Bridges EP (Tabernacle Records)

The third release from the Slabs of the Tabernacle crew in Glasgow, brings us all a taste of proper techno. Xenogears are part of the Restoration Records crew out of Berlin. They bring high quality techno to this new and brilliant Scottish Label. ‘livex15′ is a particular favourite!

LEROSA/MARK DU MOSCH/MESCHI/AUTOMATIC TASTY - House Expressions 5. Various Artists – House Expressions (Lunar Disko)

Is it bad form to include a release of your own? No? Good. The Lerosa and Automatic Tasty tracks on here are brilliant, and every time I listen to Mark’s, I hear more and more layers to it. It’s an intricate track, made to sound straight forward. Genius.

Murphy JAX feat MIKE DUNN - It's The Music 6. Murphy Jax feat. Mike Dunn – It’s The Music (Clone Jack For Daze)

This for me, was probably the Chicago House release of last year. One track, 4 mixes. The highlight being Alden Tyrell’s acid mix. It adds a crisp freshness to an already blinding track. Seriously hooked!

Tevo HOWARD - Dusa 7. Tevo Howard – Dusa (Beautiful Granville)

4 mixes of the one track again. Every track has that distinctive Tevo sound. Every mix on this release adds something new to the last. The rough disco mix is perfect for those late night, dark basement moments.

FANCY & SPOOK - Long Slow Heat Death EP 8. Fancy and Spook/Ditone – Long Slow Heat Death (Tabernacle Records) 

The second release on Glasgow’s Tabernacle records. A split EP with some of the best electro I have heard in a long time. Both artists from Glasgow deliver two excellent tracks. Ditone’s ‘Infoporn’ really makes me shiver every time.

 9. Adalberto – House Party (Automatik/Datamatik)

“Jacked, jammed and recorded on acid during a 3 day house party somewhere outside Chicago.. but who knows, who cares, who gives a fuck?” Great description, great record. Limited to 99 copies (with a repress happening). Houze to Houze is dirty, dark and soaked in basement sweat.

SNUFF CREW - Winter In June 10. Snuff Crew – Winter In June (Snuff Trax)

A track I have heard in the countless recordings from Snuff Crews live sets, finally released on vinyl. A quite melodic departue from the usual floor stompers and the dance disorder remix brings it down to earth a little more. I look forward to every one of the releases from these guys. Snuff Trax knows how to Jack.


From House to House…

01. Paris Grey – Don’t Lead Me
02. Street Side Boyz – I Want To Be With You (edward ‘get down’cosby mix)
03. State Street Boys – Fantasize Me (club)
04. Revoked – Pieces (alternative mix)
05. Pucci – Power of Love (ice mental mix)
06. Sampson ‘Butch’ Moore – House Beat Box
07. Carolyn Harding – Movin’ On
08. D.J System – Animal House
09. Murphy Jax – It’s The Music (Legowelt remix)
10. Forgemasters – Shall we
11. Mickey Oliver – In-ten-si-t (aca-bass-si-t)
12. Kenny Jammin Jason and Fast Eddie – Can You Dance
13. Ralph Rosiario – You Used To Hold Me
14. Dada Nada – Haunted House (mike ‘hitman’wilson remix)
15. HollyJump – You Cant Hide (acid mix)
16. New Chapter – Acid Generation (windy city mix)



‘Jack Attack’ with Neville Watson and Joe Hart - 19/02/2011

Magic Waves presents… “Jack Attack”

Neville Watson (Clone, Rush Hour)

Joe Hart (Bodyhammer, World Unknown)

plus Ali Renault, Casionova and The Textbook Lover.

The Textbook Lover is playing at Magic Waves presents… Jack Attack, this Saturday with a few very special guests…

Neville Watson has been making a mark on House since the late eighties and is an integral part of the revolution that House music is witnessing at the moment, a trend that is seeing established artists, and hot newcomers alike, drawing influence from Chicago and providing music lovers with jacking bass lines, uplifting chords and that infectious 303 acid attack. Neville’s new project with Belgiums KiNK saw the release of there Metrpole EP in 2010, a record that combines core Chicago values with gospel soul, as pounding bass line and shimmering organ keys collide. For this evening we’re giving you a full two hours of Neville as he’ll take you from 89 to 2011 with a record bag bursting at the seams with quality tracks,and delivered in the style of a true pioneer of House music in Britain.

Joe Hart has been making noise around London for years now and has taken his flagship night ‘Bodyhammer’ from sweaty basements to top floor office blocks, building a reputation for serious body music in superior venues. Joe also launched World Unknown last year, with Andy Blake, expanding his front line of attack beyond his regular East London haunts and into the far off lands of South London. Lots of Cold Wave and obscure house and disco is the order at World Unknown, fuelling a party that continues to gain epic momentum. Joe always impresses behind the decks. He incorporates cold wave, Chicago, Acid and more, into a set that never fails to wear you out at the knees…On support are Ali Renault, Casionova and The Textbook Lover.

As far as I’m concerned, £5.00 for two of the best Djs in Britain is a bargain… get doon!

Passion, 251 Amhurst Rd, London, United Kingdom N16 7UN, £5.00


 Enter the Videodrome…

01. manuel gottsching – despair
02. i-f – secret desire (instrumental)
03. valence – minus
04. sendex – hypenosis
05. mantra – untitled
06. dj pierre – box energy
07. hot hands hula – hot hands
08. lidell townsell – i’ll make you dance
09. mr lee – art of acid
10. mr lee – feels good
11. nacho patrol – colour sound
12. the martian – skypainter
13. duplex – meta
14. carl craig – sparkle
15. the martian – particle shower
16. nukubus – europa (aux 88 europoort mix)
17. ashra – midnight on mars    



Every now and again a release comes along that sends excitement and anticipation, coarsing through the veins of the underground.

Virgo Four are Eric Lewis and Merwyn Sanders. Two native chicago producers, who prolifically wrote and recorded material from 1984 to 1990 and beyond. Unfortunately, due to “local record business politics and disinterest” very few of these productions have seen the light of day.

Virgo released the ‘Virgo’ LP on Radical Records and the now legendary 4 track EP ‘Do You Know Who You Are?’ on TRAX, both in 1989. Then there was nothing until 2010 when Rush Hour, a high quality record label from the Netherlands, decided to re-issue the Virgo LP. Excitement spread, and the house scene were elated at the prospect of being able to get a hold of this absolutely classic and now quite expensive record, brand new, and for a good price.

In late 2010, Virgo played three live shows, Glasgow, London and Amsterdam. Along with this mini tour, they released a two track EP on Rush Hour. Two unreleased pieces from back in the day.

Rush Hour have just informed the world that they will be releasing a 15 track CD and a 30 track, 5LP boxset, of old Virgo material. That’s 30 tracks that have never been released in 20+ years! I listened to the clips on their website as soon as I heard the news and every one of them sounds like a classic. For a sneak peek, Legowelt has done a ‘Virgo Resurrection’ megamix, showcasing the release here:

VirgoFour – Legowelt Resurrection Megamix by rushhourrecords

This is one release that every discerning house freek needs… There will be a massive review whenever I can get my mits on mine!